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Athens is the dapper pup you see on the logo! Here he is with his mom Alyssa, dressed up and ready to be the ring bearer at his humans' wedding in New Orleans!

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Founder & Owner - Alyssa


Alyssa is extremely passionate about dogs, to put it mildly. She has been absolutely obsessed with dogs since she was a little girl. Her favorite book as a child was a massive dog encyclopedia with all of the dog breeds in it. Alyssa made it her mission to learn about every breed in the book. It has always fascinated her how different each breed can be from one another and how much there is to learn about dogs.


As Alyssa grew up, she knew that she wanted to put her love and passion for dogs into a business one day. She also loves to cook and try out new recipes. And whenever she’s doing so, her pups love to beg and make her feel really guilty with the cutest puppy eyes. She found herself setting food aside when cooking so she could prepare it separately for the dogs or trying to wash the spices off of food for them. Alyssa realized there should be an easier way to let your pup enjoy the finer food in life, and give them a special experience that they can have with their humans. She imagined sitting down to have dinner while her pups had a dog-safe version of the same meal, and Boujee Dog Bites was born. 


Alyssa is a personal believer in all-natural and organic eating whenever possible, and never adding anything artificial to foods. She takes the same approach when carefully and lovingly crafting Boujee Dog Bites meals. Many of the typical ingredients you would find in the human version of a particular dish are swapped out for something that is both delicious and healthy for your pup. Alyssa also really enjoys crafting holiday-themed foods and has integrated that into the Boujee Dog Bites menu as well. So expect new dishes that are themed for the seasons and holidays too so you can celebrate with your pup all year long!


Alyssa knows how powerful the bond between dogs and their humans is and loves to create experiences to further that bond. She can’t wait to meet your pup and see how much they love their meal. Seeing all your adorable pups and how excited they are to eat their meal is by far her favorite part of the job.


Thank you for supporting what is truly a long-awaited dream!

Founder pups and Head Taste Testers, Athens and Bacchus, love to travel with their humans. They enjoy checking into a new hotel (with a minimum sheet thread count of 300 of course). Here they are living that boujee life at Hotel LeVeque, a local favorite!

When Athens and Bacchus are not traveling with their humans, they love to go on hikes, nap in super soft blankeys, and of course taste test the latest menu items from Boujee Dog Bites! 

Athens is a Mini Schnauzer (who is not-so-mini). Bacchus is from a schnauzer rescue but turns out to have no schnauzer in him and is a total mutt. Athens made the cut for the logo since he's the first child and the best boy. Bacchus is a little spicy (but very loved) and our popular "Bad to the Bone" bacon and eggs is named in his honor! 

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