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Self-Serve Smart Fridges

Our grab-and-go smart fridges make it easy and convenient to treat your pup! ​

How It Works

Simply swipe your card or tap for Apple pay. Or download and use the corresponding app "FoodSpot - Boujee Dog Bites" to pay and receive special offers! 

Open the fridge and grab whatever you'd like for your pup! Once you select your items and close the fridge, you will be charged only for what you take. 

Not only do our fridges have our pawpular Boujee Dog Bites food for your pup but they're also stocked with adorable curated doggy goodies like toys, birthday items, and other pup essentials for your convenience!

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Fridge Locations:

We currently have fridges at 3 locations:

  • Downtown - The Hills Market Downtown

  • Italian Village - Jeffrey Park (community center)


The Hills Market Downtown: 95 N Grant Ave, Columbus, OH 43215

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